Most pain has an obvious cause, some sort of injury or illness, but many people suffer from pain whose cause seems hidden. This can be recurring back pain, TMJ pain, headaches, eye pain, shoulder or hip pain etc. Traditional treatments for other medical problems can actually cause you to develop chronic pain in other parts of the body. Recent research has found that many of these types of problems can be caused by structural or functional imbalances. Since this information is so new, and actually contradicts some of both allopathic's and chiropractic's long held beliefs, finding someone who can do this type of analysis is not easy. Contact me for a Somatic Structural Assessment if you are in north Dade, Broward or southern Palm Beach counties. If you are out of this area, e-mail me and I will try to locate someone qualified in your area. This analysis is done at your home or if your regular health care professional gives permission, at their office. In some cases, this can be billed to your insurance if prescribed by your health care professional and done in their office.
I can provide Qigong, massage and cupping treatments if these are appropriate, and will supply documentation for other healing professionals and referrals if the findings so indicate.
Usual price for this is up to $325.00 however for CLP members it is $125.00.

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Have you heard of XANTHONES, these are powerful antioxidants, antiInflammatory, etc and helps our bodies to heal itself too.
Another thing,, enter YOUR product and see how we are putting on creams, makeup, shaving creams and the toxins and chemicals go directly into our bloodstream, causing pain and disease.
Prevent disease with these xanthones.
Glimpse is a Clean, Green and Toxic free skin nutrition. , watch the video,
and learn how to improve your skin from the inside out.

I have done the cupping treatment here in TX and it was awesome.

Actually, the most powerful antioxidant is clove oil. It has an ORAC value much higher than anything else you can safely put into your body. All you need is one or two drops per day; mixed with other foods, since the oil is so concentrated. However ORAC value is not the only measure of effectiveness; for example, strawberries have a higher ORAC value than spinach, but spinach raises the antioxidant level in your blood more than strawberries.


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