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I joined Facebook a little while ago and just recently have started growing my friends list and it seems to be taking off! Question, it looks like there is lots of activity late at night on Facebook...if I'm going to be good at this social networking stuff...does that mean that I have to work late at night? Do you work late at night with your social networking applications?? Thanks!
Absolutely not! We get to create what we want in life...including on Facebook (smile). It is amazing how many things are linking to Facebook Twitter, Conscious Living Space, Meetup and even Constant Contact. These application make it easy to update injunction with our projects.

My suggestion is to create a schedule that works for you and follow your heart. You will find on MY Facebook I am great at posting my updates through Twitter, throughout the day because I have a simple application on my iPhone. However my emails through Facebook (or anywhere) may take me a few days.

Hope this helps! Keep the questions coming.....and please be patient if it takes me a few days to respond. I promise I will respond!
I have a close friend who has a soon to be 5 year old boy and he is having problems in school because of his high energy...too much energy and the discussion has started that he might need to be on some medication to help him and his teachers. I am not a fan of ritalin...might not even have spelled it right, but could you give me/us some advice or direction to find out how to help with this type of situation thru the membership?

Thank you,
There are awesome natural products that can help.
For this particular challenge a product with probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and digestive enzymes are the best. That combination is essential for health for both adult and child. I have seen it stop major allergies and even get children off of ridlin. Good luck...and let me know if you would need help finding something. Lots of great products and garden of life is one we market and sell. Would be happy to help in anyway possible!

I have what might be a long question because it has been neglected for so long. Avoidance of labor and some or most people are ignoring themselves about it. Avoiding labor can be very good if we do it knowingly and honestly but if we  do it but not on purpose or if we don't want anyone to know it can be kinda sick over a long period of time and generations. Could this be something that humans have been doing in some consistent way or in a new way since the industrial revolution? 

I tend to agree with you about avoiding labor.  I don't know when it started, but it is definitely here. Especially with our children...they get to choose what they eat, play video games and much more. Parenting didn't come with a manual, so it is difficult to know what to do. I myself feel challenged as a parent by the pressure of what other families do and see the importance of children learning about work and what it takes to survive and thrive in the world today! I also think we are prone to avoid things that are difficult or hard period.... like conflict, eating healthy and exercise. My two cents for what is it worth :)

How does being grateful for what you have increase you getting more of what you want in life? Or does it?
I am grateful for many, many things. Something's i do not have or have little of and would like more of. Does that mean in itself that I am not sufficiently grateful? Is having gratitude for what one has in the moment mean one should not strive for more? Is it about being happy with what you have? When you have desire for more of something, does that mean you are not being present? Not being grateful?


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