If you could ask God** any question about LOVE, what would it be?

If you could ask God any question about LOVE, what would it be?



** There are over 1200 words for deity. When I say God....fill in your own word and what you can resonate with.

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What a great question Nick! I would add let me experience the feeling of LOVE at it's fullest!
Why would we ever exercise our choice once we were in the ideal state of love to be outside of it?
ooooo Marshall! That is a powerful question!
love is a renewable resource. Why are people afraid to say "I love you" first?
God, why is it so hard to love some people and not others. If we are to love one another like we love ourseleves then are you saying there is something in the person we done like that is something in me I don't like?
Why does love and hate such a fine line?
Wow....I love that question Kelly! I can relate with the fine line.
both exists so we realize one
There are different ways of describing Love but I would like to quote what the Lord Jesus said about Love, as he said Love your neighbor as yourself and to explain what this was he stated the parable of the prodigal son and also the person who fell among thives, so it goes on, but the true essence of love comes from the heart.
Great....thank you for sharing. Do you have a question? I love reading questions...inquiry is one of the most powerful tools we have.
If we know that everything is interconnected and we are all one, why do we, as spiritual people, still feel justification in seeing others as separate? How is that manifesting unconditional love? What lesson are we to learn from this reaction that seems so normal to us humans? Where's the gift?
Who is Jesus?


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