If you could ask God** any question about LOVE, what would it be?

If you could ask God any question about LOVE, what would it be?



** There are over 1200 words for deity. When I say God....fill in your own word and what you can resonate with.

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I would ask, how we as humans could help spread God's divine love into the world without judgment? How can we stand in his light with abiding love that views each and every human unto this world with love? Show your love through me unto others as you see unto the world!
be with love with every being , love will spread.
all being in the existence is a name of god even you can say god ,god is nothing other then all being and all beings have a reason to come in this existence.
if i ask god about love i am sure he will say this the thing which i gave you as a gift be in love then no question will arise
Can anyone love without any reason.

Love is the calibration of 500 in Dr. Hawkin's "Transcending The Levels of Consciousness".  This is an amazing book about all of our emotions and conscious awareness.  Love is felt as a very warm, caring, open feeling of expression for oneself and the world. 


There are some people we love, but don't understand and must forgive them anyway.  Our spouses and children are the most joyful of this feeling of Love.  How about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?  If we can find people in the world that are supportive and really care about us, then we can apply unconditional love to them too!


Love is very essential and makes us feel like a complete person.  We feel welcome and accepted by each other.  It is the strongest feeling in our lives.  Give love and send love to all kind people. 


Happy Holidays!

My question would be, if we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, is this so that we may see through their eyes? Feel their pain through love? Take for instance a killer or rapist, someone that may live right next door and we have no clue about this person. Then it comes to light of their so called 'sins'. Do we then look the other way? Do we wrap our arms around them without judgment and only love? God, can you help us as humans to break through judgment to only see love? Then again, if there were only love there would be no killing or raping, right?
There is a distinct difference between the intrinsic beauty of all God's children and they way they behave. We are all struggling with personal issues and demons. But these issues and the way we express them are not who we are. We are all created in perfection. And then life happens. We become wounded by some of our experiences and until we heal, we will act them out. I can love this child of God while denouncing their behavior. I can seek to help them or protect myself from their actions if necessary. But by refraining from judging or labeling them, I can continue to see God within and love them for who they really are. I can pray for their healing so that they may reflect the perfect creation they are.

If I could ask the Flying Spaghetti Monster about love. I would ask him how much he loves his meat balls.


but for real, if I could ask god anything, I would ask him why the hell he created the universe when it was going to turn out this badly...  world wars, nuclear bombs.... he shouldnt have created it in the first place!

God gave us free will and a set of rules to live by (The Ten Commandments).  We choose to either abide by  His Word and reap the benefits (peace and harmony) or disobey them and suffer the consequences (pain). Within every tragedy, unfairness, loss and hardship lies the opportunity to turn towards God and to know Him on a deeper more personal level than ever before. Coming to know God is what our journey through life is all about. And we really only do that through our own failures and suffering.
Are you a member of world messianity? do you practice Joheri? did you know that is what this forum is about?  If so, then you should probably know that the Joheri Centers do Idolatry (worshiping of idols) having a picture of Meishu Sama that eeveryone worships too. and sometimes images of the 7 gods of good luck... so you are braking one of the ten commandments (You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. exudus 20:4). this cult is not biblical at all. (and the bible is just a fantasy story too) but you can't come to me with bible arguments and believe in Jorei at the same time.
We have difficulty loving fully when we expect others to be what we want them to be. Accepting and appreciating one another exactly as they are and where they are in their journey through life  allows us to love freely and unconditionally. Seeing the intrinsic beauty and goodness God has created within fills our hearts with love.





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