An attitude of gratitude it powerful and many times it is easier to focus on what we want and what we don't have. Let's take everyday and remember the value of gratitude!


Take a moment and share your gratitude list with us!!

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I have much to be thankful for!

First off, I am grateful for my health because when I feel great I can think and perform great! My family is a place of love, laughter and connection...what a blessing! My house and I know many people right now struggling without either! Thankful for all my friends that supporting me these last 2 years during my transition and the Dare to Live Challenge! I am grateful for my publisher and individuals that push me to get out there and "Play Big"! Special thanks to Dr. Gary Null for choosing me to be apart of his month long detox retreat 2 years in a row! This has truly transformed my health, my thinking and my world! Well, here's a good start!
happy thanksgiving!

see soon
I am so grateful for my husband and daughter.  I am very grateful for having a little peace in my life.  I am so happy that we have snow today and we are home altogether having hot soup for lunch.  I am so excited about our new entrepreneurship and businesses that are finally coming together.  I love what I have right now!  Heat in my apartment, and a happy daughter.

I am grateful for my family that's always keeping me on my toes with lessons in life. I'm grateful for the amazing man in my life that loves me unconditionally. I'm grateful for the shoes, clothes, food, and shelter as I know there are many without one or more of these things. I thank God and the amazing universal flow of vibrational energy that is available to us and that I've awakened to this. I'm grateful for so many that I've met along my journey in life and gratefully look forward to the many souls I have yet to encounter. I'm grateful for the transition in careers that have helped me grow each year. I'm grateful for my amazing life, even the darkness because this helps me grow even more.


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Love it!  Let's get together in 2011. Hugs
I am so grateful that I dont belong to the cult of world messianity or practice Johrei anymore, what a waste of my life that was! oh and BTW, "grateful" means "give more money" since the name of the donations box is the "gratefulness box"

Today I am grateful for the gift of life's challenges. It allows me to look at ways of resolution and how to continue to create win-win's when possible!

Today I am grateful for friends that help me see things clearly and don't let me live in denial. Friends that have loving and compassionate ears with years of wisdom and experience to share. I am thankful for computers that work, cars that run and children that make me smile and laugh. I am grateful for a community like this that inspires and motives me to keep in the game. Much love and gratitude!!

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I am grateful...... so very grateful for every day that I am here to experience the richness of this plane of existence.  I am very grateful for my dear Husband and Daughter.  My Husband's family has  accepted  me and made me feel so wanted and loved,and for me, this is a tremendous blessing. We are blessed with my improving health, and all of the material things in life that we really need. 

I am very very thankful for the opportunities I have everyday to express myself as Source for others, and the platform of  "New Paradigm" at Awakened Radio for offering me that weekly hour to share with others.  I am mighty grateful...period! 

Sending Love to All!

I am grateful for Tom Shadyac's new movie, "I Am". I am grateful for movie makers and songwriters who push the awakening of conscience living. I am grateful for my husbands new song, "The Connection" which I inspired. Listen to it for free:
(Click on the song title bottom right of the page) I am grateful ;)
All of my appliances are working. My car runs great. My electricity and water are on. It's not raining. I don't HAVE TO be anywhere today!!! I just figured out I have poison oak but my mom has a broken arm! I will take poison oak, thank you!

Way to focus on the good....and find something positive when things are challenging. Poison Oak....ugh!



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