Look for resources for yoga for children. They have a great kids video for years but now seem to have out grown it or bored with it.

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Dear Shannon,

My youngest son used to do yoga all the time. He loved it and since he has been in school there was a time conflict. He asks all the time and I am currently looking for another class. It was great for him.
Dear Ally,
Do you do yoga with your son? How old is he? My friend just shared that if I spent time doing yoga, they would most likely want to do yoga with me too! My kids are 8, Makayla and my son is 10, Alex.
Dear Shannon, yes my son and I did Yoga together he was 5 last time we did yoga so it has been a while but we both miss it.

Hi All,

My kids have joined in with me over the years. Just modeling it for them sends a strong message. Even as teens/young adults today (20 & 17), they will sometimes go to a class with me. My daughter had her high school basketball team doing sun salutations before their games! They definitely recognize the benefits when they practice. :)

Wow! Great


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