Hello. Andrea here. I was first introduced to yoga as part of a daily spiritual practice by the Hare Krshna at age 18. I considered it then more of a philosophy and mental discipline however the older I get, the more I appreciate the physical discipline of hatha yoga asanas.

I'm interested in discovering how you became interested in yoga. What were the circumstances in your life at the time? What benefits have you noticed? Is your life different after and before yoga? In what way do you incorporate yoga into your daily life as a philosophy?

As usual, I'm both personally interested as well as compiling research for Horizons Magazine. I would however always get your authorization ahead of time and honor any requests to remain anonymous. Doesn't it amaze you how much work gets done when no one cares who gets the credit?

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My best friend in Junior High School had a brother who was deep into yoga and meditation. This was in the mid-60's and there was alot of "Flower Power" energy going on which attracted me. I had already became interested in comparative mysticism and was studying allot about Buddha, Carlos Castenada, and reading Alan Watts.
I had very bad allergies at the time and started a disciplined regimen of pranayama breathing. My allergies cleared up and have never returned. Also, I am 6'6" and had neck and back pain from slumping over. The yoga and stretching cured me of this and led me to Modern Dance and Tai Chi which further helped my posture and allowed me to start circulating the energy. By the 80's I was studying with a Taoist Master (Mantak Chia) and learned "Taoist Yoga" and Chi Kung (qigong) from him. I became an instructor and in the mid 80's taught yoga and specialized in teaching children. It was very blissful.

Ted Doras 03/06/08
When I was around 14, my mom bought a book on yoga that I happen to pick up. As I read it, something resonated within me and I knew that the information in the book had great wisdom. At that point, I filed the information away for future use!

My actual practice began almost 18 years ago while pregnant with my son. I showed up at the Yoga Shakti Center in Palm Bay and started attending their classes. Since then, I have tried many different styles in various studios and I have developed my own home practice when time doesn't allow for outside classes. Yoga is wonderful on so many levels-mentally, physically and spiritually. I find it to be a part of my life that helps me stay balanced. Some time down the road I would like to become a certified yoga teacher so I can study it with even greater depth.
I offically came to yoga in Atlanta, Georgia during my second pregnancy (1967).I say "officially" because in truth, I began the discipline of yoga and channeling at age 6,when my inner teachers guided me to find a man who would teach me to work with the baton and music. I soon realized, that this was to become my current lifetime expression of the use of the wand or staff and as I did so many past life experiences with masterful and not so masterful "times" with my Conscious Space (aura) and channels (chakras as portals for the "colored" RAYS of LIGHT) would surface from deep within me for either "healing" and/or reasserting my LOVE of self.

Wing Chung Budda Hand resurfaced as a memory of previous life mastery and served to provide health and wellbeing of a movement type. Raja Yoga resurfaced as a Beloved practice and Kundalini Yoga helped me design my first four day workshop and business enterprise. To avoid ego intervention, I was guided to create the business as a non-profit (501c3) and named it "Pied Piper Pecptions, INC. The workshop was called Mind/Brain Consciousness & Body Electronics. The work itself represented many forms of psychic sensitivity training , always the goal was to assist others to remember their mastery and know that what was called "paranormal" was indeed quite normal and would very quickly proove to all of us here that we were here to demonstrate "The Second Coming" as we aligned with our Highest aspects of OurSelves and alllowed those Aspects of OurSelves to choose whether to walk the planet Earth fully Ascended and/or step backfrom the physical/emotional realms and consciously co-create with Mother/Father GOD litterally "New Universes". Consequently, I see the populating of the new universes Conscious Living Space, Helloworld.com/ascensionteams and VMdirect.com/ascensionteams as a new YOGA (process).


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