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The Nine Dragon Brocade is now available.

Now available for the first time!

The Nine Dragon Brocade

This form has not been taught outside the Zhou family before. How do you get it? Just send an e-mail to: Book(at) with "9 Dragon" in the subject line.The form will be e-mailed to you in PDF format.

Requesting this information will add your e-mail to my mailing list. I do not spam and only send out a newsletter every two to three months. You can opt out of the mailings by responding with the opt out… Continue

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Do it yourself weights for a great workout.

These are called QiSei. They are actually ancient martial arts exercise devices.

Parts needed:

1. 4' hardwood dowel cut in half. It should be between 1 inch and 1.5" in diameter, depending on what is comfortable for your hands.

2. Two 1 pound coffee cans (if you have been really working out 2.5 pound cans can be used).

3. 6 small wood screws.

4. Bag of ready mix concrete.

Poke a small hole in the center of each coffee can bottom. Use an ice pick or… Continue

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Orthomolecular News.


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 7, 2008

Chemotherapy Doesn't Work, So Blame Vitamin C

(OMNS, October 7, 2008) When Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center announces that vitamin C may interfere with chemotherapy, the news media trumpet it far and wide. But before cancer patients throw away their vitamin C supplements, they need to know rest of the story.

Most of the media dutifully reported the researchers' claim that the… Continue

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Video of me teaching at Hoshinfest 2008

A short demo of Peng (Ward Off) and Chan Ssi Jing (Silk Reeling Energy) at Hoshinfest 2008.
Hoshin Budo Ryu is the martial art developed by the late Dr. Glenn Morris ( Hoshinjutsu (Hoshin Jutaijutsu ) and continued by Soke Rob Williams.

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Stress - The bear truth.

There are several sources of stress, both internal and external.

External stress: Having that bear chase you. Work, driving, issues about income, the economy, etc. Most of these you have no real control over, so anyone selling "stress reduction" actually can't help you with this unless you quit your job, stop driving, win the lottery etc. What you should be learning is stress management: What you do to handle the various sources of stress and their effects on you, mentally and… Continue

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Weight loss for real people, no pills, no drinks, no cookies, no gimmicks.

The best no fad, no pills program I have found for weight loss is actually rather simple:

Start week #1 by weighing yourself when you get out of bed, just after you relieve yourself. Write this number down.

Now, write down everything you eat and drink including the amounts, every day for a week. Do not change your normal routine or what you normally eat.

Weigh yourself at the same time in the morning, after a week.

Go on-line (or use a book) and… Continue

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New option for patients and doctors!

Hi All. My brother is also into the health care business, but from a different perspective. Take a look at this TV news item about his new company:

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Solving the mystery of recurring pain.

As a massage therapist I see a lot of people with recurring pain. They have been to the doctor, seen a chiropractor several times, and even seen an acupuncturist or other massage therapist. The pain keeps returning.

There are three main reasons for this:

1. There is a re-injury to the area, due to job functions, sports or other similar situations.

2. They have a functional imbalance in their body. A chronically hypertonic (tense) or hypotonic (relaxed or weak)… Continue

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