I have had so many BioGenesis Blessings...
My daughter had an absessed tooth removed and she had a very low tolerance to pain. She was drugged by the surgeon and her mouth was swollen. She reminded me of a drunk blowfish. After an hour of BioGenesis - a full session, she was coherent, not slurring over her words and the swelling had gone down to almost normal.
Then there were my tennis days. I would play tennis like I was 20 years old and practically crawl off the tennis courts after it was all over. I loved to play and it just didn't seem to matter how I felt afterwards. Of course, every Monday I would hobble into work and everyone would give me such a hard time. After a couple of BioGenesis sessions, I was playing tennis and walking off the court like a normal person. This made the tennis experience even better.
I had some surgery on my face a couple of months before my daughters wedding. When my daughter saw me the day of surgery, I am sure she was internally panicing thinking how I would look in her wedding pictures with a big swollen face. Debbie (God love her heart), gave my daughter BioGenesis tools and they both were working on me. When I went back to the doctor for my first follow up, they were able to take the stitches out because the healing had progressed so well. Even the doctor stated that he was so surprised because I had healed so much quicker and more complete than most - by a number of weeks. The wedding pictures turned out great as the mother of the bride - except for the hair and I had not set the right intention for that.
The most recent Blessing of the BioGenesis tools is with my new rescued puppy, Rusty. When I got Rusty he had a gouge out of his back leg, right at the knee, where doggies bend for sitting and just about everything else. It was kind of oozie and the lady at the rescue center said that she could not get the wound to heal because he kept busting it open. Rusty is a Miniature Pinscher and if you know that breed, they do not ever sit still. Besides a little other loving, healing, energy - I would use the flame on his leg every day. Sometimes it was 5 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, however, after two weeks of working with him, his leg is healed, the hair is growing back, he is jumping - not on the furniture, but over it. No whimpers of pain and no scars.
The BioGenesis tools are amazing.
I used the translator when I went to visit my brother to see how I could help him with his horses. My brother is a race horse trainer and I kept getting it that the horses didn't know what he wanted them to do. When I went to the barn with the translator it was so clear. They didn't feel the confidence that he had in them. They weren't sure what they meant to him. They didn't know what to do or how to please him. With that information I was able to open my brother up to not voice his concerns over whether they could win a particular race. I was able to point him in the direction to communicate with them more, praising them when they did good and encouraging them to do the best they could before each race and to reassure them when they didn't win that he still loved them and was proud of what they did do. I encouraged him to handle them more, with more love and pets and pats, as horses do love that. He is having a great season this year and the horses are doing better and better and he has had quite a few wins.
So, the tools are available to everyone and they affect everything! What more could anyone ask for? I feel so Blessed that the BioGenesis tools have come into my life.

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