Confronting the Stress in Daily Life – Be Your Own Mentor

Stress is the natural response of your body towards any demanding activity. Whenever you find yourself in any threatening situation, your brain starts to release a rush of hormones subjected to stress. These hormones include a bulk of cortisol and adrenaline. Hence our nervous system tends our body in any emergency situation.

It is much complicated for the nervous system to distinguish between the daily life’s stressors or the real tragic ones. Our nervous system releases the stress hormones in all sort of frustrating situation either your get frustrate due to a traffic jam, or you get down after listening to the news of the sudden death of your close person, the tendency and form of the brain of releasing the stress hormones will always remain the same.

Stress can harm almost all of the internal systems of the human body. It may affect the digestive system; disturb the immune system or even the reproductive system. More sophistically, here we are going to discuss that how over stress can lead you to severe physical and mental problems.

Stress always tends the suffering person from depression. Due to the depression, the sufferer may be prone to anxiety. In such of the situation, the suffering person may become sad and empty mood. In often cases, such person may feel hopelessness, and this situation often leads to suicides. Depression may also cause sexual problems.

Depression can also cause fitness problems as some people feel less hunger and prone to lower their appetite. Hence, they loosen their weight. While in some cases, suffered my feel more hunger and gained the extra weight.

Stress may also cause the heart issues as the stress can drive higher the heartbeat and blood pressure. So, the people suffering from high stress are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. Overstressing may also disturb the process of blood clotting, a reasonable cause behind heart issues.

Stress may also lead to cause the digestive problems. Due to over stressing, the working of the stomach may tend to work slowly. Moreover, it may also lead the persons to suffer from constipation, diarrhoea, and nausea. Lack of exercise and physical activities may also be the reason behind these disorders.

Always remember that depression and the pain are tightly coupled with each other. Our entire body is connected with our brain. When the mind is profoundly depressed, the whole body gets affected. A headache is one of the symptoms of this issue. While suffering from a headache during the intervals of depressions or overstressing, there will be more chances that the pain will get worse.

When it comes towards relief, meditation is one of the most efficient ways to relief in stress. You may practice several meditations. If you are feeling stress at work time, then you may take a five-minute break and sit in the comfortable room. Take long breaths and concentrate on your breaths. Keep doing this practice for a reasonable span of time. Drinking one or two glasses of water will also work for you.

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